RE: Comic-to-TV adaptations -Gotham & The Agents of Shield Series mid-season finale continued…

Agents of Shield -A bit slower, but seriously gaining momentum. Giving otherwise unused, unsung ‘second stringers’ a chance to rightfully hold the center stage. Also -and this is new -effectively weaving continuity with their cinematic universe counterparts (guest features from the big screen do add weight); the on-screen equivalents of crossovers! Sins of the Past: though comics boast a virtually endless list of characters, many stay in the abyss or never reach full potential -Coulson and his team, team Hydra, even the gadgets would’ve remained footnotes. It was also frustrating & confusing -especially to non-fans -to see TV versions & Big-screen counterparts with unnecessary skewed continuity. [The Guilty: i) Xmen films that $$@@ed the ‘Dark Phoenix’ & ‘Weapon-X’ story-lines, each of which could’ve easily carried a Trilogy ii) Hulk films which keep changing the on-screen Bruce Banner. Now we’re afraid to like any of them -after all, we could have ‘Brangelina Smash’ next!]

Gotham -Tricky to say, it being both early in the game & a prequel of sorts. Still… so far -great! The real star is The City -grim, gothic, dangerous, the darkest of New York & Chicago rolled in one -the best depiction thus far showing us why Batman must be so dark. In a ‘Life before That One Dark Knight’-prequels present a heady challenge -carved-in-stone backstory, with little room to maneuver. But this has been turned into unseen opportunity –enriching the mythos of characters already explained -Cobblepot has never been better! Sins of the Past: settings in which the locale is so badly imagined that we recon it to be on another planet -or at least Disneyland! Also, nuking any hope of expanding a legend by putting it in the wrong hands. [The Guilty: the list is too long and sadly, mostly in the Bat-franchise; so-called scribes who’ve never bothered to pick up past literature on the projects they’re entrusted –and it shows!]

Ah, it’s good to be alive…­­


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