RE: The Flash, Arrow, Gotham & The Agents of Shield Series…

At mid-season finale for a few Comic-to-TV adaptations, seems fitting to throw in a word or two.

The Flash -Has my vote. First season & already at breakneck speed introducing new characters & sub-plots faster than we can keep up(Firestorm was a pleasant surprise), can’t wait for more! Sins of the Past: wagging the bone by dragging us thru endless, pointless fillers till end of Season -as if to say ideas have run out, when the reverse is true. [The Guilty:10 agonizing seasons of Smallville when the best stuff needed -at most -fit 2 or 3!]

Arrow -Casting: from Oliver to Diggle, Thea, The Lance Family, Amanda Waller, Ray Palmer etc -it’s getting hard to imagine other Actors in these shoes. Balls: killing Oliver’s Mom, Sara Lance & adding other main characters to the series so soon -did not expect to see Ra’s for a while. Sins of the Past: making the show hinge on the same 1 or 2 clowns till we pray for their deaths & actors who were the wrong age, physique, sometimes even gender! [The Guilty: apart from Lex Luthor; virtually all the Smallville villians. Plus, I respect tradition, but -Adam West?!?] 

———————————this rant will continue——————————–



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